Lulu Group International, a true follower of ethical business practices

Lulu Group is a multitudinous business empire, founded and fortified by Mr. Yusuff Ali M.A, the renowned Indian business prodigy. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE, Lulu Group primarily operates in 31 countries across the globe. Our business ventures range from hypermarket operations to shopping mall development, manufacturing and trading of goods, hospitality assets and real estate. Lulu hypermarket is the most trusted and favoured retail chain with more than 156 outlets around the world.

Lulu - Goodness forever

Lulu offers a plethora of day to day products under its brand name. The brand provides quality products in all categories from across the globe which resulted in its steady growth. A brand that always places the customers first, Lulu ensures and assures that all the products are of top notch quality by abiding by international standards and using state of the art technology in processing and manufacturing the products. With products that come at attractive prices, we also guarantee the maximum value for money to our customers. Since the very early years, the brand has vigorously responded to the stimulus of the market trends to become one of the reliable brands in the region.